Tarija Bolivia: Five great things to do when you visit Tarija

Tarija Bolivia: Five great things to do when you visit Tarija: (1) Since Tarija is the main wine producing region of Bolivia, you should take a wine tour. Tours normally visit 1 or two commercial winer...

Altiplano Hotel Boutique is #1 in Tarija

After staying in a few hotels around Bolivia last week we thought of  a few things that make us different (well actually 13 or more)...

1. Quality linen (between 600-1000 thread-count sheets depending on the room)

2. Imported towels and face cloths

3. Bedside lamps and a bedside clock

4. Woolen underlays on the beds

5. Electric blankets on the beds during the winter months

6. Fluffy duvets and plump feather pillows on the beds

7. Air conditioning in your room

8. Complementary filtered water and facial tissues in the room

9. Comprehensive guest information, including a Cable TV channel list

10. Liquid hand soap and fresh soap for the shower each day 

11. Quality toilet paper (don’t laugh, it is not that common)

12. Real coffee and muesli at breakfast

13. A wardrobe and safe in your room

And it goes without saying that the beds are very comfortable, there is hot water, great showers with very good water pressure, and a DVD player and DVDs on request.

You also get personalized attention and recommendations on tours to take or restaurants to go to. And best of all, a sense that you are staying somewhere special.

So just go to our website and book the #1 hotel in Tarija for your next visit here.

If you are just thinking this is all to good to be true, check the reviews on TripAdvisor.

Altiplano Bolivia: Australian, Canadian and US Citizens Visiting our ...

Australian, Canadian and US Citizens Visiting our ...: From January 7, 2013  Australian, Canadian, and U.S. citizen tourist and business travelers must pay a reciprocity fee by credit card online...

Todays Thought

     "Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or to
                                           - Lyndon B. Johnson



House Buying - Paying the Deposit.

It is one thing to find a house to buy, then negotiate the price – face-to-face with the seller. But then the buying process begins - and yes it is very Bolivian. Like all deals we had to pay a deposit to secure the property and get things to the next stage with the Lawyers getting involved, contracts written and signed, etc.

There is no bank transfer done here invisibly in cyber space. Martin had to go to the bank, draw out a large sum of money and take it to the real estate office to give to the seller, who sits in front of you and counts and recounts each bundle of money, while the lawyers look on.

It feels very strange and looks like a shady drug deal going down – like a scene from a late night police show on TV. Once satisfied he puts the money in a plastic rubbish bag and walks down the street to deposit it with the local money changer.

It becomes scarier when we have to pay the bulk of the money, which again has to be handed over in cash. But we are glad to say all went well, but our bank account is looking very sad now.

And of course it needs to be taken into account that when you are moving large amounts of money the government wants to know where it came from and what you are going to do with – as if you would really tell the truth if it was drug money! So yes it is back to the Lawyers and Real Estate agent to get documents to prove what the money transferr is for.